Long Distance Relationship works beautifully with ‘LDR guru’: Milena Nguyen

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Since this month TBE podcast will cover the theme of love, I desperately want to mention the common love issue many couples are having: relationship with geographical distance. It’s difficult for couples to enjoy their relationship once they are separated by miles away from each other, living in different cities, countries, continents with the difference in time-zone.

I never wanted to have a LDR since I did not believe I can be brave enough to handle all issues the distance would bring to my relationship. Our guest today thought the same too. Nevertheless, she had continuously been in LDR and she had a total of 10 years of LDR. There is no doubt she experienced all joy and pains and failure that brought her the desire to help others to make their LDR work.

Milena is now offering free webminar helping people not to give up on their love just because of the distance. Moreover, she is giving an online course for people who are struggling in their love. This year, 2017 she will publish her first self-help book on the long-distance relationship in June.

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