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  • Interview with Niall Mackay from Seven Million Bikes – a Saigon podcast

    Polene NguyenNovember 17, 2019

    Recently I found this podcast from Saigon named "Seven million bikes" hosted by Niall Mackay. The interviews on his show are so impressive. He has a diverse selection of guests, both expats and Vietnamese. He had on his show music producer, chef, an Australian singer who was on The Voice of Vietnam, comedian, and so on. I feel more connected and more curious about Saigon…

  • Why I got married in Denmark

    Polene NguyenJune 1, 2017

    If you are an abnormal couple, let's say an international couple and you are searching for a place to tie the knot with less stress and hassle-free, Denmark is a great option. We had obstacles to get married in Germany at our desired time, notwithstanding the complicated and tiring process of registration at the local authority. Our alternative option was to get married in Denmark…

  • Long Distance Relationship works beautifully with ‘LDR guru’: Milena Nguyen

    Polene NguyenFebruary 17, 2017

    Since this month TBE podcast will cover the theme of love, I desperately want to mention the common love issue many couples are having: relationship with geographical distance. It’s difficult for couples to enjoy their relationship once they are separated by miles away from each other, living in different cities, countries, continents with the difference in time-zone. I never wanted to have a LDR since…

  • Expats in Vietnamese New Year with Franziska Schubert: Ambassador of Hanoi Internations community

    Polene NguyenJanuary 24, 2017

    When it comes to holiday, expats can experience different culture and customs. At the same time celebrating our own holidays and observing our tradition while living abroad bring unique stories. Tet: the official New Year holiday in Vietnam, is coming. If you are an expat living in VN, how do you spend this holiday? how do you feel about it and think about the way people celebrate…

  • Being a vegan in Hanoi with Veronika Vas from Hungary

    Polene NguyenJanuary 11, 2017

    I can’t find the right title for this episode on my talk with Veronika. We talked about her decision to move to Vietnam, about teaching English in Vietnam and advices for international vegan in Hanoi. I also have many things to talk with and ask Veronika about. She is a non-native English speaker and English teach in Hanoi at the same time, she is a…

  • Phỏng vấn Denise Sanquist: cô gái Thuỵ Điển gốc Việt tìm bố mẹ Việt Nam

    Polene NguyenDecember 10, 2016

    Denise Sanquist là cô gái có cá tính, độc lập và chăm chỉ. Cô có thể nói 6 thứ tiếng và đã đi tới nhiều quốc gia, có thể nói cô là một world citizen. Tuy nhiên Denise cho biết cô có sự kết nối rất mạnh mẽ với Việt Nam, ngay khi đặt chân tới Việt Nam, nhận thấy có nhiều người có bề…

  • ‘The Soul of Vietnam’ through the eyes of an American Expat

    Polene NguyenDecember 7, 2016

    "The Soul of Vietnam" is the name of recent published photo-book from American photographer: Lawrence D'attilio. Lawrence is known by international professional photographers as an inspiring artist and helpful teacher. Not to mentioned some of his friends and students are Vietnamese artists those he met throughout his time in Vietnam. By connecting with local people and spending years living in different parts of Vietnam, Lawrence finally…

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