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Why I got married in Denmark

why I got married in Denmark the blue expat podcast

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If you are an abnormal couple, let’s say an international couple and you are searching for a place to tie the knot with less stress and hassle-free, Denmark is a great option. We had obstacles to get married in Germany at our desired time, notwithstanding the complicated and tiring process of registration at the local authority. Our alternative option was to get married in Denmark where our marriage certificate is recognized worldwide along with the quickest and easiest procedure in the EU.

This episode covers:

  • Where exactly in Denmark that we got married?

Ærøskøbing: old town of Ærø island: the most beautiful of the Danish islands.

  • How could we figure how to get married on this island?

We hired an agency to help us submitting the documents and arranging the appointment.

I won’t state the agency’s website here since we are not 100% satisfied with the service and you can choose between plenty of the agencies base on how do you want your wedding look like. The most common and famous agency based on the island is the 2008 established Danish wedding agency 

  • What are documents we had to prepare?

From my husband (German citizenship) Passport + Meldebescheinigung + Birth Certificate

Me (Vietnamese citizenship with Italian resident permit): Passport + Italian resident permit + Birth Certificate + Marital Status certified that I am single: All are authorised translated to German and have Apostille Stamp by Danish embassy in Hanoi.

  • What is the procedure? How long the total process?

It took us 1 month when we started contacting the agency. After 1 week of looking at our documents, they asked when is our desired date of getting married with some options. We decided the date and paid all fee.

We decided to spend 2 days on the island: the first day we submitted our documents and received our exact time of the ceremony (it took 10 minutes).

The second day was our ceremony: the total time we spent in the registration room was 20 minutes! How quick we could change our marital status !!!

  • How did we get there?

We drove from Dresden and got to the island by ferry. You can check their schedule here

  • What are the costs?

The official cost we had to pay to the Danish commune of Ærøskøbing is €70. We gave the agency €330 for our package on top of the 70€ fee.

Cost of transportation and accommodations.

  • Is the certificate recognised worldwide?

A big YES! And it’s in 5 different languages!

You should pay attention to that it’s recognised worldwide but once coming to Germany, you might need the visa as well depends on your situation.

I asked my agency and another one and they both said I got married to a German so I could stay in Germany after we get married. It’s NOT true in my case!

  • Where else in Denmark you can find this quick and easy wedding service?

Basically, it’s easier the process in Denmark compared to other EU countries. However, the small towns arethe better choice if you want to get the day you want. The island we got married is trying to get more tourists through attracting people to tie their knot there, it’s faster.

  • Photo service that we used?

They said this photographer is the best and we used his service:

  • Tips:

Please do ask and get the Apostille on the island, they give you without extra payment, you will need it afterward for visa purpose.

Spend time to research the agency, there are plenty, prices are varied.

Have a look at the official website of the island for your information:

If you wish to have more information or to ask us about this topic, please leave your comment under this post or message me on fb page I would love to help other couples!

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